Cast Based Reservation: Asset or Liability

India is a country of 1.3 billion people , 29 states with a vast variety of culture and traditions . India being a democratic country has its own well planned constitution that entitles each and every citizen of the country with equal rights and opportunities. Yet there is a major roadblock of Reservation that inhibits the uniform development of the country and its citizens. This blog is all about my views on do India still requires the pillars of reservation for its countrymen to develop and prosper .

In ancient India the rulers divided the society into four varnas -Brahmins , Kshatriyas , Vaishyas and Shudras . This was done only according to the jobs assigned to various classes , but later on it turned out to be a casteism . At the time of independence , when Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was making constitution, he made reservation for 10 years of time only for Scheduled Caste and scheduled tribes to bring out the people from backward cast and uplift them . But after 10 years the policy gets renewed and renewed and now reservation still exists even after seven decades of independence.

Today the policy of reservation has made its roots in each and every field of education , jobs etc. Now I would like to draw some views of mine on why reservation is a liability for the nation. Reservation is the biggest nightmare of general category students.There are not enough seats in government colleges or government jobs for the general category in proportion to their population . The reserved caste candidate who less meritorious gets the opportunity and the deserving one suffers the consequences. Secondly some of the rich sections of the society uses the reservation policy by illegaly addressing them as scheduled castes and thus prevailing the benefits of reservation . I strongly believe reservation leads to the disintegration of people into different castes .I believe equality cannot be achieved first by discriminating on the basis of caste-based reservation and then stating a right of equality in the constitution. The politics also plays with the people by putting them in different reserved societies , thus gaining their support using false means . It is ironical that the constitution itself explicitly points out backward classes and still demands other citizens not to differentiate each other on the basis of cast. So I strongly condemn the idea of caste based reservation.

Now the question comes then how the underprivileged societies can be brought up to the same leveled field of development. I believe a general caste family can also be poor or socio-economically backward and a SC/ST maybe more financially strong than general caste family . So there should be reservation or some type of special affirmatives for socially economic weaker sections of the society not according to different castes . This will bring the downtrodden to the same level as the privileged class . The children from the poorer strata of society will not then condemned to mediocrity or illiteracy. The youth will not be facing any job discrepancy on the basis of their merit . and most importantly there should be strict laws that frequently checks the status of the people that are given reservation so as to ensure that the same person doesn’t become richer and richer . I will conclude my blog by saying “ Develop economically backward , not casteism.”