How my life would have been if I was born in the USA instead of India

I always wonder while seeing American movies or American television shows, how much different the lives of people living in the USA is from us living in India. I would like to share my views on my thought i.e.-”HOW MY LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I WAS BORN IN USA” in this blog.

Human beings no matter which country they live in, have adopted a new way of life and this way of life is an expression of their thought which is alive through their thoughts that is present through their culture. Hence cultural values directly shape the infrastructure or the living of the country.

Coming on the pros and cons of living in the USA I would like to first focus on the pros.

1. In the USA I would find a Cleaner surrounding as compared to India which I think being a bronchitis allergy patient would keep me away from the related problems.

2. I would have been a more disciplined person because both the countries have rules and regulations but in India, we tend to(sometimes intentionally even after knowing negative results of it) break them and in the USA we are bound to follow them.

3. I would pay all of my taxes due to a strict government and law which would make me an asset for the production of the country whereas in INDIA we generally take these actions lightly which coaxes us to be a liability to the country.

4. In the USA I would be addressed equally which can be an aspect of society dignity labour whereas I think in INDIA there is huge discrimination since childhood depending on their age, gender, caste, financial status.

5. I would have been an independent person and would be seen as an individual whereas in INDIA individuals are not identified as Individuals but as Family members. There is a huge dependency on each other whether younger or elder.

6. Value of earning is more in the USA since the dollar is the most powerful currency in the world so I would have been enjoying my earning in comparison to other countries like INDIA.

7. The government of USA provides such a security where I would live a fearless life separated from all types of crimes like robbery, rape etc. But in INDIA no such provisions Ill get.

8. In the USA the entire system is based on the principle of Competition, which encourages businesses or individuals to work hard and stand out, however, in INDIA the competition has gone to such a big extent that people end up killing themselves and other mishaps.

Now I would proceed with discussing the cons of residing in the USA.

1. In INDIA Cooperation is practiced to large extent, which allows tradition of three generations living together and supporting the next generation but in USA people prefers to live individually.

2. In the USA there is a strong emphasis on accomplishing ones’ task independently. Self-help has led to a system of DIY where taking help can be expensive whereas in INDIA generosity is encouraged to give others the best, be it in service, or help or in whatever way possible

3. Lack of family relations, social and attachments are there in the USA which cannot be tolerated by me being a family lover.

4. The life in the USA is lonely as compared to that in India, so this would be the biggest disadvantage as I like to stay close to my family, friends, and relatives.

5. Also, the life in the USA is quite lavish. It is quite expensive for a normal Indian family or for a USA family with a low salary. So, for a normal earning family to live life peacefully is a big deal there. In India, every earning group has a typical lifestyle. But if I would have born there then I think I would have adjusted to their ways.

In the end, I would just like to say that living in India is no more than glory in my life. I haven’t lived in the USA but still, I would say my life could not have been better than this with having all relatives so close to my heart, with all loving festivals, with Indian culture like ice on the cake.